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carly21's Journal

16 October 1986
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Name : Lisa
Age : 24
Birthday : 16/10/1986
Location : Germany/NRW/Dortmund
Profession : I'm studying Cultural Studies in University which includes history and literature.

Fandoms : DOCTOR WHO (<- notice the capital letters ;)), Torchwood, Merlin, Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Grey's Anatomy,... lots, really.
Ships : Doctor(Nine/Ten/TenII)/Rose, Jack/Doctor/Rose, Jack/about everyone else (:P), Ned/Chuck... the list is growing.
About my Journal :
Despite me wanting my journal to stay open for everyone, I decided to go 'friends only' after all... I'm just posting much more personal stuff now than before.
I don't bite, though. If you want to be my friend, message me or comment on my friends only post and I will add you right away ;)

What you can find in my journal :
About everything Doctor Who related which includes: Icons (LOTS!), wallpapers, fanart, fanfiction and sometimes spoilery stuff... under a cut of course! Also banners , headers and manips
I'm also rambling quite a lot lately, but you can just ignore me then ;)

Credits for brushes I use for icon/wallpaper/header... making:

Cloud Brushes by JavierZhX (excellent brush maker!)

Glitter, handwriting and several other nice brushes I don't use as often by Obsidian Dawn

Moon brushes by KeepWaiting

Manuscript brushes by Elbereth-de-Lioncour (another great icon maker! might grab a few more of those brushes in the future ;))

Any Gallifreyan writing is usually made of pictures by purplerhino.

Several grunge brushes I neither got links of nor have the name of the creator... Sorry! I will add the credit if I find where I got them in the first place.

If you recognise a brush of yours, I didn't credit you for, please tell me and I will add it. I most likely forgot it :)

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